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XXXIV Jornada de Biologia del Desenvolupament

Data: 10 de febrer de 2023

Lloc: Sala Prat de la Riba, IEC

Organitza: Secció de Biologia del Desenvolupament de la SCB





Abstract submission deadline: January 29th 2023

Registration deadline: February 3rd 2023


Sponsored by:


Invited speakers:

Jenny Nichols (University of Edinburgh)
Miguel Manzanares (CBMSO-CSIC)
Florenci Serras (University of Barcelona)

Fees for the meeting:

-free for members of the SCB

-25€ for students and postdocs (up to 28 years old)

-45€ for the rest

Become a member from now to January 15th 2023 to enjoy free registration to DevBioCat Synergy meeting and membership benefits for 2023 meetings.

We encourage you and your lab to become members of the SCB and attend for free.

Membership fees:

– 15€/year for students and postdocs up to 28 years old

– 38€/year for the rest.

Another advantage is that many meetings organized by other sections are free for members or have a significant discount. Additional meetings that might be of your interest are the ones organized by the following sections: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chromatin and Epigenetics, Bioinformatics and Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Cancer and Experimental Neurobiology.

To become member, go to the SCB webpage and click on the top right icon Fes-te’n soci! Add your personal information, select your fee and the section: Biologia del Desenvolupament. For payment method select domiciliació bancaria (direct debit). Later in the application you will have to download the SEPA document, fill it in and send it back to Allow two weeks between signing up for membership and registration to the meeting, so that you can register as member.


Instructions for the abstract:

Abstract format


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Twitter: @SCB_iec
Facebook: @scbiec


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