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COST-MITOEAGLE and Barcelona meeting

Dates: del 21 al 23 de març de 2017

Lloc: Institut d’Estudis Catalans

Organitzen: COST, METNET, MITO i SCB


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CA15203 Mitochondrial fitness mapping:

Conference, Working Groups and MC meeting – COST Action MITOEAGLE



DAY 1. Tuesday, 2017-03-21 – MITOEAGLE Conference


08:30      Registration and signature of attendance.

08:45      Pablo Garcia-Roves (ES) Welcome: Introduction of COST-MITOEAGLE and Barcelona meeting to all participants


Session 1: Connecting mitochondrial physiology – global perspectives and case studies

Chair: Kathrin Renner-Sattler – Germany


09:15      Erich Gnaiger (AT) Quality first: a paradigm shift in mt-respiratory control towards global connection.

09:45      Paul Coen (USA) To bring MITOEAGLE and MoTrPAC together.

10:15      General discussion

10:20      Werner Koopman (NL) Standardized quantification of mitochondrial morphology and function in living patient fibroblasts using microscopy.

10:40      Roberto Scatena, Patrizia Bottoni (IT) Mitochondria and cancer stem cells in hepatocarcinoma. An illustrative example of a tangled methodological approach.

10:55      Rob Wüst (NL) Mitochondrial Complex I function in heart failure: different angles to analyze mitochondrial function.


11:10-11:40         COFFEE BREAK


Session 2: Connecting data on cardiac and skeletal muscle mitochondria

Chair: Terje Larsen – Norway


11:40      Andrew Murray (UK) Metabolic adaptation to high altitude in Himalayan Sherpas.

12:10      Hervé Dubouchaud (FR) Effects of different fatty acids on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function.

12:25      Michal Nemec (SK) Functional state of mitochondria in patients with preclinical and early stage neurodegenerative disease”

12:40      Arild Rustan (NO) Metabolic studies in human skeletal muscle cells.

12:55      Ellen Aasum (NO) Mitochondrial function in the diabetic heart – effect of an acute fat-load.

13:10      Marko Vendelin (EE) VDACs open in the heart mitochondria.

13:25      General discussion


13:40-15:00         LUNCH


Session 3: Connecting data on adipocyte mitochondria

Chair: Jan Nedergaard – Sweden


15:00      Irina Shabalina (SE) Control of UCP1 activity in brown fat mitochondria.

15:30      Tobias Fromme (DE) Source depot and dietary status influence oxidative phosphorylation capacity in permeabilized mature adipocytes.

15:45      Manuela Sanchez-Feutrie (ES) RAP250 deficiency protects from obesity, and enhances mitochondrial metabolism in adipose depots.

16:00      Marc Claret (ES) Mitochondrial performance and central regulation of energy balance.

16:15      Lisa Chakrabarti (UK) Mitochondrial lipid and proteomics comparative studies in mammalian ageing.



16:30-17:00         COFFEE BREAK


Session 4: Connecting data on cultured cells and blood cells

Chair: Magdalena Labieniec-Watala – Poland


17:00      Nicoleta Moisoi (UK) Models of Parkinson’s with focus on cell lines.

17:30      Claus Desler (DK) Mitochondrial mediated genomic instability in aging with focus on cell lines.

17:15      Elisa Calabria (IT) Age and frailty related changes in PBMCs mitochondrial function and whole body physiology.

18:00      Maria Monsalve (ES) Mitochondrial biogenesis in PMBC: potential biomarkers.

18:15      Slawomir Michalak (PL) Mitochondrial respiration in intact peripheral blood mononuclear cells in patients with extrapyramidal syndromes.

18:30      Clair Hartmann (DE) Mitochondrial respiration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in an experimental porcine brain injury model.

18:45      Karolina Siewiera (PL) The effect of metformin on blood platelet bioenergetics and platelet function.


DAY 2. Wednesday, 2017-03-22 – Working Groups (WG)


Session 1: Joint WG meeting

Chair: Elisa Calabria – Italy


09:00        WG1 Presentation of tasks and current status.

09:30        WG2 Presentation of tasks and current status.

10:00        WG3 Presentation of tasks and current status.

10:30        WG4 Presentation of tasks and current status.


11:00-11:30        COFFEE BREAK


Session 2: Specific WG presentations (5+5 min)

Chair: Pablo Garcia-Roves – Spain


11:30        Erich Gnaiger (AT) Current proposal about ‘New terminology’ on SUIT protocols and coupling/pathway control states (WG1).

11:45        Marina Makrecka-Kuka (LT) Fatty acid oxidation evaluation in mitochondria (WG1).

12:00        Paul Coen (USA) and Pablo Garcia-Roves (ES) Technical perspective of high-resolution respirometry in permeabilized skinned muscle fibers: humans and animal models (WG2)

12:30      Odeta Arandarcikaite (LT) Age-related responses of brain mitochondria to ischemic insult (WG3).

12:45      Ondrej Sobotka (CZ) The effect of 24 weeks of high-fat and high-cholesterol diet on rat liver mitochondria (WG3).

13:00      Mario Ost (DE) Multivariate biomarkers of age-dependent sarcopenia: A blood based bioenergetics & cytokine profiling approach (WG4).

13:15      Natasha Kopitar-Jerala (SI) Mitochondrial ROS and inflammation (WG4).


13:30–14:30        LUNCH


Session 3: Specific WG meetings



WG1 – Room TBA

WG2 – Room TBA

WG3 – Room TBA

WG4 – Room TBA


17:00-17:30 COFFEE BREAK


Session 4: Joint WG meeting – conclusions and future WG actions.


17:30        WG1:

Towards a preprint publication on terminology in mitochondrial respiratory physiology.

17:50     WG2:

Fatty acid oxidation evaluation in mitochondria

18:10     WG3:

18:40     WG4:


DAY 3. Thursday, 2017-03-23 – Management Committee (MC)


09:00        Management Committee Meeting


11:00-11:30        COFFEE BREAK


13:00        End









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